5 Elements of a Good Logo


Logos are the first thing to be designed, because it dictates how everything else looks: website, print materials, social media accounts, and more.

a great logo

Read more below about characteristics of a great logo and what is taken into consideration during the logo design process.


Logos that have too many elements can be distracting and confusing to your audience. Good logo design is simple, yet powerful. You will also receive alternate versions of logos (like the example on this page with a simple V in addition to the full logo), so there is always one recognizable element of your brand.’


Many factors go into making a logo memorable- color, font, style, etc. This is where Moon 40 shines. After extensive market research of your industry and competitors, working with your ideas and feedback, your final logo will be eye-catching, professional, and awesome.


A great logo stands the test of time. Trends come and go, but your business will not.


What does your business represent? Who are you trying to capture? A logo for a children’s daycare will be vastly different from a law firm or a hair salon. Your logo will be specifically made in the style that matches your brand’s unique voice.


Your logo goes everywhere. Business cards, pens, billboards, Facebook ads, and more. A logo that is versatile will look great small or large, on a billboard or a pen.

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