"Too many people I knew would give me a business card or send me to their website and say 'it’s really bad, but here you go.'"

my mission.

“Small businesses and entrepreneurs are who I love helping the most—they are my people. With each project, I treat each business as if it were my own– I’m invested in your success. Whether it’s a new business adventure or a brand overhaul (“digital makeovers” as I like to call them), I want you to be proud of your brand.

When I’m not in front of a computer, I’m spending time with my son who was born October 2018, my husband who makes video games, our dog and cat in Alpharetta, GA. (Typically with an iced coffee in one hand.) I also spend a lot of time in my garden getting my hands dirty.

Take a look around at some of my work, and reach out to me at jessica@moon40.com or schedule a call if you have any questions! I look forward to working with you! (My clients and I have a lot of fun, I promise.)”


Owner, Moon 40

about Moon 40.

Moon 40 was started after 15 years of design, branding, and web work for various companies of my own and other businesses.

In my teens, I learned the basics of web design by pimping out my MySpace page.

In my 20’s, I learned marketing & design by growing companies I started.

In my 30’s, I learned even more by managing/producing websites that had over 1 million hits every month across 4 main websites, with unique special event websites every 6-8 weeks, and producing marketing (paid and organic) at one of the largest video game studios in the Southeast. 

Somewhere in the middle of there, I taught marketing and audio at The Art Institute of Atlanta and students said I was “the coolest teacher they ever had” (but they probably just wanted a good grade.)

In 2019, I had an epiphany. Too many people I knew would give me a business card or send me to their website and say “it’s really bad, but here you go.” This was NOT OK. Why would you put so much effort into a business or venture and then be ashamed to tell people about it? That’s when I realized I wanted to help as many businesses and entrepreneurs as I can by giving them an identity they can be proud of.

left brain: my first real computer, 1990's (?)
right brain: my other (stronger) half

what's with the cow?

I get asked a lot where the name Moon 40 comes from! The Moon 40 is a 40-acre section of Gore Farm, a 600 acre, 350-head cattle farm that has been in my family for generations and where my parents now live. Throughout my childhood, we would pick blackberries, feed the cows, and fish in the lake on the farm — very fond memories that I hope my child experiences one day.

When I was naming my business, I wanted something that really meant something to me. Hearing the name Moon 40 brought me back to my childhood and a place that will forever be a deeply rooted part of who I am. For weeks, I couldn’t shake it from my head… so, Moon 40 Marketing & Branding was born.

working cows, 2013