digital advertising

Digital Advertising

Never before has advertising to your current and potential customers been a click away. We’re no longer in the days of admen where you need a big agency to get your business or product seen by the masses. Even better, current technology makes targeting your exact customer easier than ever, instead of spending money on a billboard or print ad hoping it brings in more business.  

The beauty of today’s digital market means that the barrier of entry to target your customers online on a budget is extremely low. With just $20 you can zero in on your exact demographic to tell them what you’re selling. However, if you’re not educated on how to do this, you could very easily waste a lot of money. 

Each business is different and therefore, has unique advertising needs. The following factors are taken into account when planning an advertising campaign on social media:


Each platform (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.) has its own pros and cons based on your goals, products, and services.


This varies wildly across the spectrum, but you can be assured that your budget will be allocated toward the most efficient ROI method possible.


Are you launching a new product? Selling tickets to an event? Looking for more personal injury clients? These are just a few examples of how vastly different campaigns can be designed. We can also hook you up with a custom landing page for these types of accounts, a proven customer-converting method for highly focused campaigns.

Moon 40 offers both social media management and paid advertising management plans, each based on how many posts or ads you want to publish per month. Contact us for a quote!

Moon 40 offers both social media management and digital advertising plans, each based on how many posts or ads you want to publish per month. Send an email and we’ll chat!